Good morning ladies and gentlemen⦠or afternoon or evening depending on what time of day it is in that little world you drifted off into as I started this speech. Yes thatâs right, I know youâre doing it; we all do it at some point or other. The truth is that most of you arenât even paying attention. Anyway, itâs time to start my speech. Have I made you laugh yet ladies and gentlemen? Smile? Made you forget about the dread of up and coming assignments or exams? Because thatâs what Iâm trying to do. The whole point of this speech is to inform you that we all need laughter in our lives. Even as far back as Aristotle, who described laughter as a bodily exercise precious to health, organisations have viewed laughter as a commodity that can help us stay fit and healthy as well as provide numerous benefits in other fields.We are quite familier to the proverb, '' laughter is the best medicine''.
A laughter can cure a person. If we able to make a sad man happy then it would be our greatest work done. A laughter  of a person due to us
would be the greatest gift.
Many expensive medicines might not cure a person on the last stage. But if we are able to make that person laugh, then atleast he would be happy
and may even get cured. Laughter releases stress factors. It gives rest to our brain. We should always laugh from heart. Because laughing from heart is the true laughter. No other medicine can be better than laughter. laughter indicates positivity. It has the power to remove all the negativities.
Therefore, we should make persons happy by making them laugh a lot.
Because, laughter is the best medicine. :)