The government shall not deny the right to equality before the law to any person in India. Every Indian citizen; right from a poor landless labourer to the Prime Minister; is equal in the eyes of the law of the land.

The law of the land does not discriminate between two persons on the basis of socio-economic status or power. Every citizen has equal access to public places and public facilities; like temples, bathing ghats, road, public toilets, community well, etc. Every person gets the equal opportunity to compete for public jobs; like Civil Services, defence services, etc.

However, some provisions have been made to give special preference to people from the SCs, STs, Women and OBCs. Similarly, physically disabled are also given reservation in government jobs.
Untouchability; in any form has been banned and has been made a punishable offence
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Right to equality ; 1. Before law and equal protection of laws. 2. Irrespective of religion, race, caste, gender or place of birth. 3. Of opportunity public employment. 4. By abolition of untouchability and titles.
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