It is really very essential to eliminate the open defecation in India as well as making available toilets facility to everyone.It is needed in India to convert the insanitary toilets into flushing toilets.It is necessary in order to eradicate the manual scavenging system.It is to implement the proper waste management through the scientific processes, hygienic disposal, reuse, and recycling of the municipal solid wastes.It is to bring behavioral changes among Indian people regarding maintenance of personal hygiene and practice of healthy sanitation methods.It is to create global awareness among common public living in rural areas and link it to the public health.It is to support working bodies to design, execute and operate the waste disposal systems locally.It is to bring private-sector participation to develop sanitary facilities all through the India.It is to make India a clean and green India.It is necessary to improve the quality of life of people in rural areas.It is to bring sustainable sanitation practices by motivating communities and Panchayati Raj Institutions through the awareness programmes like health education.It is to bring the dream of Bapu to really come true.
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