A requisition letter about the formation of a new DCS form the village people is received by the milk union.This is followed by the survey by field extension officers about the breedable cattle population and surplus milk production in the village.A Gramsabha is conducted after the survey in which 10 promoters are selected from the village. A chief promoter is selected among themselves who will be responsible for share collection assigned by Asst. Registrar of co-op societies..The chief promoter & Promoters together should collect at least a sum of Rs. 20,000/- & the amount is deposited in the DCS bank. He should then send a proposal to the milk union, which is followed by the registration of DCS by ARCS.Among the members of the DCS, a board of 9 members is elected by themselves in which a seat is reserved for woman & to a person from SC/ST caste. This   contributes to the upliftment of socially backward classes .The president for the requisite term is selected / elected from 9 directors. The full pledged board of a DCS employs a secretary and milk tester to carry out the milk collection.