Complete the following story in 150 to 200 words. Given below is the beginning of a story. Continue from this point and complete the story in about 150-200 words. On a warm Sunday afternoon ,when even the bees look sleepy, Ramesh was looking for his grandfather without finding him anywhere . Then he looked out of the window, he was surprised to see his grandfather…………………….



Watching the birds in nest giving food to them. Then Ramesh went outside in the garden and asked his grandfather," Why are you watching those birds very carefully?" The grandpa replied back," To gain knowledge about birds." Then Ramesh asked," Then you must have a collection of there pictures. Yes said the grandfather" come I will show you." They then went inside and as they were seeing the pictures Ramesh told his grandfather that he had seen does endangered black robins. Then they went to the old oak tree and found them. Then they made a plan to save them and it was successful. They were rewarded by the government.
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