(i) genetic is a study of how traits are passed from parents to their children 
(ii) pea plant
(iii)Mendel use the term trait for factors which are now called genes 
(iv)a section of DNA that provides information for one protein is called genes 
(v)genes are located in DNA which is located in chromosomes.......... sorry for third question
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(i) Genetics is the study of inheritance of traits from parents to offsprings.

(ii) The common name for the plant on which Mendel performed his experiments is pea plant.

(iii) The term ‘factors’ was used by Mendel to denote a unit of inheritance in the cell of an organism, which controls the inheritance of a particular trait, say height, flower colour, etc. Each characteristic of an individual is represented by two factors. The factors are now known as genes.

(iv) Gene is the basic unit of inheritance. Gene is the part of DNA sequence that gives information for the synthesis of a protein inside the cell. Genes are located on the DNA present in the chromosomes