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Psychologyis the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context.

Let the person sit in front of you face to face. And you also need to sit and let the person put his hands on your palm.Instruct the person to look at your eyes to start eye contact.You start to count numbers from 1- 3, in the meantime, you instruct the person to press down on your hand instantly.Once this action starts, you instruct him to press down your hands harder.Then you use your other hand to cover his eyes, slowly shading them and caressing down.When you repeat this action, you also need to say “it is very late, you are so tired, do you feel your eyes getting droopy, closing your eyes and drowsy, doze off and sleep.  Once you say the word ”sleep”, you need to slip your hand away from the person’s eyes so that the person has a feeling of sleeping.
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