If we pure-bred tall (dominant) pea plant with pure-bred dwarf (recessive) pea plant we will get pea plants of F1 generation. If we now self-cross the pea plant of F1 generation, then we obtain pea plants of F2 generation.(a) What do the plants of F2 generation look like?(b) State the ratio of tall plants to dwarf plants in F2 generation.(c) State the type of plants not found in F1 generation but appeared in F2 generation, mentioning the reason for the same.



(a) In F₂ Generation out of the 4 pea plants so formed 3 will be tall and 1 will be short (dwarf).
(b) 3:1
(c) Short  (dwarf) plants were not visible in F₁ generation but were in F₂ Generation because always the dominant trait dominated the short recessive trait.

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(a) 75% of the plants of F2 generation appear tall while 25% appear short
(b) Phenotypic ratio- 3:1 That is Tall : Short
Genotypic Ratio- 1:2:1 That is, Homozygous tall: Heterozygous tall: Homozygous recessive
(c) We can see Short pea plants in F2 generation and not F1 generation. Since the cross is between two homozygous tall and short plants, the F1 generation shows dominant trait while the recessive trait gets suppressed. When the F1 tall pea plant is selfed, the short trait gets expressed.
Here, homozygous dominant is TT, Heterozygous dominant is Tt and Homozygous recessive is tt :)