Kirchhoff's first rule ( Kirchhoff's Current Law or KCL or Junction Rule) :

It state that, the sum of the currents flowing towards a junction is equal to the sum of currents leaving the junction.

This is in accordance with the conservation of charge which is the basis of Kirchhoff's current rule.
"In any electric network, the algebraic sum of currents meeting at a junction is always zero".

∑ I =o

Kirchhoff's second rule ( Kirchhoff's Voltage Law or KVL Loop rule ) :

It state that the algebraic sum of all potential drops and emfs along any closed path in a network is zero.
The algebraic sum of the emfs in a loop of a circuit is equal to the algebraic sum of the product of current and resistances in it.
Mathematically, the loop rule may be expressed as :
∑ E = ∑IR

Kirchhoff's second law express the conservation of energy.
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