Fashion was one defined by a famous author as "accepted madness". For every new trend that appears, at first it is viewed as madness. It generally is in opposition to the existing trend. Generally a fashion statement is also a means of revolting. That is what we find in today's fashion scenario: Revolt, madness, subversion, lots of attitude and oomph factor. It is defined by the bigger players of the scene like Versace and others. The smaller fishes in the pond try to imitate. With increased consumerism and mass production, there is no exclusivity left in the fashion world because through media the latest designs are displayed and it does not take more than twenty four hours for the gray market to duplicate the designs and bring it to the flea market where they are sold at cheaper rate. So the poor, the middle class and the rich; all wear the same designs. The difference can be found only in the material and the cut and fall of the clothes