You see a lot of handbills and posters sticking on public property like over bridges,traffic light posts and walls as electons are round the corner.this spoils the beauty of your city and looks unpleasant 1 problems caused2 people reaction3 how to tackle this problem4 consequences



St 1.hi have you seen a lot of handbills an posters stuck all over bridges , light posts and walls as elections are round the corner. It is so unpleasant and spoils the beauty of our city. What do think
St2: i do agree with you. Its like an eye sore we are still uneducated. Each party vies with each other and want to show case their might. But it causes a lot of problems . some times we don’t know the name of the place , which we want to know. The places look so horrid .
St1. I have felt the same way like you. But we should try to make people realise this .we can discuss in our groups and see that atleast some of the youth whom we know should know how we all feel. Since this is a sensitive one , we can suggest this in a subdued way
St2. Let them canvass but not by disfiguring the places but they can paste where it can be removed later as a temporary measure and can take it off after the elections for it is not by that but through action people vote.
St1. We should even ask our parents how we can solve this
St2. Yes. They will give a better solution too