Learn how to program in a programming language, and post a program. Voila ! You are a programmer ! Just joking... Well, start with something simple like QBASIC until C++ or if you are into 3D animation and all, you must master DirectX and OpenGL. But it takes a lot of time.... Rome wasn't built in a day, right ? Practice everyday and you'll get the hang of it, like my sister did.........
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what is voila ? ? ?
it means there it is
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First of all, understand that Peter Norvig nailed this on the head a long time ago: it takes ten years to learn to be a programmer. There's a glut of "learn X in some small number of days" type books out there; there are hordes of blog posts about "how to improve your programming-fu in a few easy ways"; and in general a lot of people come around looking for advice on how to become a whiz with minimal effort.
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