(i) a group and o group
(II) 0 group
(ii) a grop and o group
(iii) o group
noo correct
dat doesnt makes sense at all ue first answer u say A nd O group can recieve blood from Anil wat nonsense
O blood group person cannot receive blood from anil having A bloodgroup
srry it got mistake  typing
only first one is wrong typing error
First clear some facts

A is called Normal Blood
B is called Normal Blood
AB is called UNIVERSAL RECIPIENT bcoz it can take blood from any blood groups
O is called UNIVERSAL DONOR bcoz it can give blood to any blood group

Anil Blood group is A
Om Blood Group is O [universal Donor]

Answer A- Persons Having Blood Group A and AB [Universal Recipient] can recieve blood from Anil while Person having Blood Group A,B,AB and O can recieve blood from Om

Answer B- Persons having Blood group A and O can donate their Blood to Anil while Person Having Blood Group O can only Donate To Om

Hope U r now Clear With The Concept
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urs is wrong who the hell told ab is universal recipient
 im ab group
u r talking nonsense