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Many people walk in and out of our lives but only a true friend will leave foot prints in our hearts. The journey in school is pretty long when compared to the other journeys in life. We make new friends mostly in the institution we study. We spend quality time with each other, stand by each others'side during a crisis, fight and also patch up. Life never becomes monotonous when you have your friends by your side. But once we take different paths during the phases of higher education and career, we will definitely have to bid goodbye to the friends who travelled with us all along.

the memories stay with us but we communicate with our friends either through social networking sites or over the phone but to be honest, all these can never replace the fun we experience when we are in the real company of our best friends. When we get a chance of meeting an old friend after a long gap of many months or years, we will definitely feel ecstatic. Hugs and tears will speak more than words during such occasions. The joy and rush we experience in our heart are almost inexplicable. 

Recollecting the memories we have, enjoying that present moment and waiting for it to extend further are some of the thoughts that will definitely be running in the minds of every person who meets his or her old friend after a long time.
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As I sat recollecting about my past days suddenly his name flashed my mind. Not just his thought  I saw him coming to the place  where we were supposed to meet. The café cofee day was our venue. As I reached the venue earlier the memories of  As he came we did our signature step of greeting each other as we used to do in the days of our school. Though we were now gentlemen but the mere sight of each other bought this tear to both of our eyes. We were one o the best friends since class 5. The way we became friends was very funy. We were punished outside and were constantly giving angry looks to the teacher who had punished us. This is when we introduced to each other and after 8 years of friendship the bond seems equally strong. He has always been a great support and being a friend has acted like a guardian at times resolving matters for me, fighting and ridiculing me in the long run. As I met him after so many years still nothing seems to change between us, we fought for who would pay the bill. But as usula I have never won a fight agains him; so he laughed and moked at me. As he lives in Bangalore he had to shift to a hotel to which I completely denied and arranged his stay at my home. No doubt my house was in a mess though we were still grown ups but act completely as we are teenagers. The fun & frolic we had in those eight days of his stay would always be imprint on my mind. My best best- Somendra, will miss him when he went away.
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