Start with those exact same words.. and then go about expressing your reactions to that scary sound , all the thoughts that came to your mind , all the possible things that could make that sound.. then relate this to an incident or what happened next.. make it really interesting and carry the suspense of the incident till the end of your story.. elaborate the story a bit to induce interest in the reader. and finally end by saying that you didn't know what happened as you woke up and it was all a dream..
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All of a sudden I heard a scary sound in the middle of the night. The sound woke me up from my deep slumber and I couldn't decipher what the sound was. My parents had gone to see my relatives and hence my brother and I were only at home. I woke him up and both of us wore our shoes and took torches in our hands. The street light was faulty as usual and we switched on our torches when we saw a dog whining in our neighbors house. We increased the intensity of the torches' light when we shockingly found that it wasn't a dog but a hyena. The hyena had somehow managed to come to my locality and we saw that it was bruised badly. My brother called up the blue cross and they immediately arrived to save the injured animal. It's howl scared me to death that day but after being a part of rescuing the animal, I felt relieved.
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bruised badly means
Bruise refers to injuries
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