I hope 9 pints..............
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no buts its fine thank you though
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroesis a direct follow-up to the events of Peace Walker. Snake, now working under the title of Big Boss, learns that Paz may be alive, and that she is being held ata secret facility on Cuban soil known as Camp Omega. Snake sets out to find her in hopes of getting more information on Major Zero and is able to extract her; but once they're safe on the helicopter, she informs him that she has been surgically implanted with a bomb. Snake andcompany are able to just barely remove the bomb after a particularly gruesome scene, only to find Mother Base in flames after an attack by Skull Face - leader of a black ops unit under the command of Cipher. Worse, Paz has a second bomb implanted in her. Ground Zeroes ends with the bomb exploding and grievously injuring Big Boss... or worse