Tanka is a traditional rainwater harvesting technique, common to the thar desert region of rajasthan, India. it  is meant to provide drinking water fro a single or a group of families and is an important element of water security in these areas. A taanka is a cylindrical underground rainwater storage.
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Tanka system is a traditional system for conserving rain water mainly in the arid zones of our country like Gujarat and Rajasthan . In this method rain water is harvested to be used later and the water that is stored in storage tanks are often checked for purity. THere are a few tankas which are over 100 years old.The Tanka water is stored to be used long after the rains have stopped. The clean conditions of collection and storage makes the Tanka water a most precious resource in the hot summer months. Most owners clean the Tanka only once in 5 to 10 years.