If there is anything that makes happy in school is sports day . .normally weheld during mid febraury evening when climate is cool is added a factor 4 our joy wearing colourfull dresses & feeling fresh & wish the time stood still!!!!   sour princi gave a speech which expressed our & her happiness saying that the school is improving in all aspects ................  the sports nw begin the most enjoying time is 2 participating  my friends & i participated .................& by cheering other student & i was surprized by seeing every1 talent & i also enjoyed dances & drama which was prepared by class 5.6 then at last we have got snakes in which pasta one of my fav fast food was thre last i was given prizes by our chief guest & 1 prizes in relay race 2 in hurdle & i1in arthelitics .......... i was enjoying this day 2 much ...........

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Our Sports day is usually held in the month of December.We were excited when our sports teacher declared the date of commencement of our sports day.
The very next day we started practicing for our sports day.
The day of  our sports arrived and the four teams of our school were excited about who would win.
Our sports day started with the welcome speech of our Principal. The head girl of the school, the captains, the school prefects and all the teams performed the march past as a honor to our school.
The match started and the crowd rose to cheer their respective teams.
The relay matches started first where the junior students performed well to save their teams. The next was the running match in which the juniors participated first and then the seniors worked up hard to gain points for their team.
There were many such events which took place throughout the day.
At 5 o'clock the events ended and the results were out. We stood in lines of our respective teams waiting for the final results.
The Principal declared the winner of the Annual Sports to our rival team. The students of that team rose to shout and cheer about their win.
Though our team lost; but it was one of the most spirited sports day of my life.