A neuron is a cell in the body that is specialized to carry messages.
Send and receive messages in the form of electrical currents called nerve impulse.

The process by which a neutron carries massage from one part of the brain to another is called an electrochemical process. The electro part happens in the neuron itself. The chemical part happens at a junction between two neurons called the synapse.
Parts of a Neurons are dendrites, cell body and axons.

Dendrites are receive information from other neurons. Each dendrites can have many different branches.

Cell body is the dendrites pass the information to the cell body, where the information is processed.

Axon : Axon is the cell body sends an instructions to the dendrites. Axon are longer than the dendrites, are coated with a waxy substance called myelin. This substance makes it easier for the info to transmit.

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The another name for nerve cell is neuron.Is contains mainly two parts-cyton and axon.It has got a nucleus in the cyton and some branches like structure called dendrons and dendrites.One of these projections extends to form the axon.The end of the cell contains synaptic knob. A bunch of axons together form the nervous system.