Homologous organs are the organs of two species that have similar structure and same ancestor but are used for different functions.
Analogous organs are those which have different structure and are used for same functions.
wings of an insect and wings of bat are analogous organs
forelimbs of frog and human are homologous organs
Hey Ramcharan,wings of bat and wings of insect are analogous,aren't they.Maybe you have written homologous by mistake.So please edit your answer. mistake dude ..sry
ya..ok.No problem.Sometimes,it happens. 
Homologous organs are those organs which have same basic structure and similar embryonic origin but perform different functions.
Analogous organs are those organs which are quite different in fundamental structure and embryonic origin but perform same function.
So,in the given organs,wing of an insect and wing of a bat are analogous organs whereas forelimbs of frog and forelimbs of a human are homologous organs. 
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