We live on a planet where we originally have developed from simple beings, like Darwin discovered.  However, we have not developed because the strongest won like Darwin said. The human race is what it is because we were transformed from Neanderthals by creating masters that originally came from other civilizations in our galaxy thousands of years ago.
Many bodies inside of each other, circles crossings each other
I got an AHA-experience when I was picking blueberries last summer.  I had a break and sat looking down at the hard-working ants striving back and forth by and over my feet.  I thought, they work almost like robots… They actually remind much of the ways humans behave… "Do they have free will?" I wondered. I once read that the ant queen decides where to put the new anthill.  
Suddenly I understood!  The queen’s mind can be compared with the mind of a human being and all the working ants can be compared with the cells in her “body”! The anthill is their “universe” and they actually have a limited free will. That day, I also understood that that an anthill is a “cell” in a much bigger “being” that consist of all anthills of the same species!

Nature My Best Friend
Since I was a little girl , I loved nature it has been my best friend. long walks on nature trails, standing out at night looking deep into the valley of space seeing  millions of shimmering stars against the black backdrop has inspired me.Nature gave me the strength to endure the problems of life as they appeared I feel a magic surround me as I see cloud patterns or a sunrise or  sunset It's as though someone puts their arms around me and says I love you.I'm lucky to live in city next to lake Michigan. You can't imagine the thrill of walking next to the pounding waves. It feels wonderful. Please take time to commune with nature you will feel stronger and in time learn we all are a part of a great miracle!!!