At its core, Sunset Story is about living a meaningful life through both our actions and our relationship with other people. The two main characters in the film, Irja and Lucilla meet in their sunset years at Sunset hall, a retirement home for political activists located in Los ngeles. Irja the younger girl of the two is gregarious high spirited, and still very much activitist. in her friendship with Lucille, Irja is often the initiator and insigator of ideas and activities. lucille, at 95 is more cautious and a bit cynical, but clearly treasures irja's energy and friendship. They do everything together: get their nails done attend rallies i support of the Patient's Bill Rights; eat meals, both at the Hall and at their favorite coffee shop, nurse each other other illness; and talk about EVERYTHING, includind SEX. They are , in the true sense of the word, girlfriends