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Music helps  us to heal our self
when we are sad we listen to music which makes us active and happy too. in the same place when we hear active music when we are happy we get excited and joyful from our heart. music heals ourself and others too.
hope you like it and will help you too
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If man is the best creation of God then music is the best creation of man.It not only touches the heart but also manifests the implicit humanity and sensitivity which has separated man from animal.Great music for example songs of Rabindranath Tagore both patriotic and spiritual have stirred the whole world. The music of R. N Rahaman in different films have touched millions of souls.Music breaks all divisions of race, religion,cast and creed.It is a wonderful force which can bring and establish
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it gives relaxation to mind
relaxsation to our mind and helps us to feel some happy mood
Music helps us in difficult times .
It soothes the mind and gives it rest.
Sometimes music also describes our moods.
The kind of music we like sometimes also describes our personality.
In fact, without music the world would not be a place worth living.
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