yes it is important they keeps us healthy & fit
Games are the important part of our lives that`s why most of doctors advise us to exercise and play games .if we play games regularly then only we can be fit and someone has rightly said that HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH.if we play games then we will also learn how to build our confidence . it also teaches the spirit of sportsmanship .it also teaches us how to be disciplined
   games are only things which keep us mentally and physically fit.they keep away one from dieseases related to heart .games provide us with recreation and enjoyment.
games keep our body alert , active, youthful and energetic. They instill in us a spirit of adventure. Games increase the circulation of blood, boost metabolism, burn calories and improve the respiration and digestive system. A healthy person can work hard cheerfully for a long period of time, and can face dangers boldly.
at the end i will only say that games are the only things trough which we can be fit and healthy.