If you visit my school, you will notice a personality with a gentle smile on his face and spects on his eyes. He is Mr. Naravane, my best teacher. He always wears his favorite white shirt and trousers. His clothes are always clean and neatly ironed.

Though he is very simple, he is intelligent. He teaches us English, the language which dances on the tip of his tongue. He teaches us with almost devotion. He tells us many antonyms, synonyms, proverbs and idioms which add to the treasure of our vocabulary. It's becoming rich day-by-day. Naravane Sir is a born teacher. He is very good at teaching and experienced at managing the class. The method he uses to teach is developed by his own. We are never mere listeners during his period.

 He takes our active participation while teaching he makes the subject so easy that even a dunce can understand the language. He never scolds or shouts at us. He is always very quiet and soothing. He has a very humorous style of teaching which keeps the class active and lively. He has a deep concern and true affection for students. He has a deep understanding for the problems of the students and is ready to solve them He always lends a hand of help to the students in need; He supplies them books and sometimes money for fees also.

He gives free teaching to poor students. In return he expects success and bright future. Naravane Sir is always sincere and dutiful at his work. Simple Style of life and high level of thought and behavior are his Ideals. To help to build up the career and character of students is the aim of his life. So for us he is something more than a teacher. He really deserves respect and love of students.
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My favorite teacher was Mrs. Ruby who had taught me English for 2 years. She had studied in America and came back Hong Kong to be an English teacher. She had sparkle eyes and blond hair. She‘s just a bit taller than I was. She always smiled to us as we saw each other in the hallway at school. She seemed very strict when the first I met her. However, we had a lot of fun during her classes as we had been told the jokes in English. She had skills at teaching, sense of humor, friendly, patient and easygoing. 
I had had her classes when I was in grade 10. I got good marks on it since then. She gave us tons of assignments which were for improving our English. She’s very patient and enthusiastic to teach us whenever we had questions in her classes. Moreover, she would stay at school after school finished for hours to solve the problems that we had in her class. She would spend her private time to teach us western penmanship which was using two pencils and tightened them together with rubber bands. Then we could draw a letter with them. It‘s amazing. I learnt it while I had lunch with her. She would talk about her life also during lunch and I found we had a lot in common. She liked eating Chinese and Japanese. Her favorite band was Westlife as I was. She always listened to pop music and sang karaoke.