We should try to make them understand the importance of electricity and the harmful effect of wastage of electricity.We should convince them by showing them the conditions of people who don not have power supply in their house and how hard it is to live without electricity.And then also if they are not trying to learn about it we will teach them by cutting the power supply to their house for  hours.At that time they will surely understand the importance of Electricity.
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Well this is not the good habit of the students. In this way they are destroying the resources by which people can suffer in future. In school teachers can develop thinking about this in students. They can teach their students about the importance of natural resources and how can we conserve them.

Well this is not the habit only of your friends. In many class the students don't turned off the fans and lights. Now there is need to understand that one small step taken in school that is to make a duty of one student to turned off fans and light or to give this responsibility to monitor or any student in the class who usually leave the class in last can save our lot of resources.