Julius Caesar was a Roman General .Caesar wanders about in his night gown and is kept awake by Calpurnia's nughtmare.She called out in her sleep.Caesar rebuffs her.Caesar deems the signs to apply to the world in general and refuses to believe they bore ill for his personality.Calpurnia asks Caesar to remain in home but Decius blocks Capurnia's plan and forces him to go to Senate.On his way Caesar refuses petition of Climber to revoke the orders for his brother's banishment.This proves to be the last nail in his coffin.Immediately afterwards Casca and other senators along with Brutus stab Caesar.Caesar's last words are "Et tu Brute?"
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Julius Caesar was a roman general who was to be made the king on 15 march.As ,after a victorious battle Caesar was returning with hi faithful friend Mark Antony,he was stopped on his way by a soothsayer who warned Caesar to be beware of The Ides of March (15 March).Caesar didn't believed the soothsayer and started walking off. Unfortunately for Caesar,his enemy who thought that if Caesar would be crowned the king he would crush the people of Rome,happened to listen to the soothsayer and understood the meaning. He understood that something terrible would strike down Caesar that day and so decided to act as an instrument of fate.He told his plans to a friend of him , Brutus who was a good friend of Caesar's first Brutus was shocked to hear that he has to kill his own friend with his own hand,but soon convinced himself by imaging how the life of people of Rome would be destroyed because of him. Cassius wanted Brutus to become the king,to which Brutus agreed.
On 15 March Cinna  a fellow friend of Cassius came to take Caesar to the Senate where he had to be crowned the king,but actually it was a set up plan.again Caesar was stopped by his wife,Calpurnia who said that she saw a dream in which Caesar was dead.But laughing on his wife's fear he was led by Cinna to the Senate.On reaching the Senate he was stabbed by Cassius,Cinna and Brutus and he died on the spot . Later cassius and Brutus was also killed by Mark Antony.............