Shah jahan was the fifth emperor of mugal dynasty.he was the son of jahangir.and shah jahan was very well known for the monument taj mahal.shah jahan's wife was mumtaz mahal he built the taj mahal as a symbol of his love for mumtaz mahal.shah jahan was a very powerful mugal emperor.

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The third son of Emperor Jahangir, Shah Jahan was born at Lahore on Jan. 5, 1592, and was given the name of Khurram. During his father's reign he distinguished himself in many military campaigns, especially in Mewar (1615), the Deccan (1617 and 1621), and Kangra (1618). During Jahangir's closing years, Shah Jahan came into open conflict with Empress Nur Jahan, but his rebellion against his father, in 1622, was unsuccessful. On the death of Jahangir on Oct. 29, 1627, disputes for the succession broke out, and Shah Jahan emerged successful. He was proclaimed emperor at Agra on Feb. 4, 1628.