Two students, while doing their experiments on verifying the laws of reflection of sound are provided with the following choices: (i) using a narrow tube or a wide tube (ii) using a faint source or a strong source of sound The difference between the measured values of the angle of incidence and angle of reflection is likely to be larger for the student using the combination of (1) narrow tube and faint source (2) narrow tube and strong source (3) wide tube and faint source (4) wide tube and strong source



 Answer:(3) A wide tube will provide more chances of multiple reflection of a sound from the walls of the tube. The amplitude of the sound will vanish after reflecting from the walls of the tube, and an improper reflection will take place from its walls if the strength of the incident sound is faint. Hence, if a wide tube and a faint source are used, then the observed experimental difference between the values of the angles of incidence and reflection will be the greatest.