Biodegradable Substance

It decomposes naturally in the environment by the action of microorganisms.  
It is environment friendly.  
It is made up of natural ingredients.  
It can be converted into manure or recycled.  
Examples: Waste papers, wood crumbles, etc.

Non-biodegradable Substance

It does not decompose naturally.
It is harmful to the environment and causes pollution.
It is made up of synthetic materials.
It can be either reused or recycled.
Examples: Plastic bags, cans, disposable bottles, etc

Following are the changes that people should bring in their habit to dispose non-biodegradable waste:
They must follow 3 R's of waste management (Reduce, reuse and recycle).
They must use separate dustbins for disposing non-biodegradable wastes and ensure that they are treated properly before they are dumped in landfills.
They must encourage the usage of biodegradable materials in place of non-biodegradable materials such as the use of paper bags, jute bags instead of plastic bags. 

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