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A thing or a substance named as wonder because of it's properties.Water has several important properties which make it vital for survival of living organisms as well as maintaining the environment. -      Water has no nutrients or taste, no colour or calories. We can survive without food, but not without water. Water is second only to oxygen in maintaining life.

-      Nearly 60 per cent of our body is made up of water. Every body function including digestion, absorption, and transport of nutrients, elimination of body waste and regulation of body temperature involves water.-      Water is needed to build body tissues and is the base of all blood and fluid secretions such as tears, saliva, and gastric juices, as well as the fluids that lubricate our joints and organs.-      It provides a protective cushion for body cells and also keeps our skin soft and smooth.-      Waters ability to exist in all three forms of matter at temperatures common on Earth helps it move from one place to another. This movement of water is called the water cycle. The water cycle helps make water available to all creatures, wherever they live.-      Cohesion and adhesion help water soak into things.-      Example - water soaking into the ground so plants and animals can use it, water softening hard, dry acorns so they can grow into new oak trees.-      Capillary action, allows liquid water to move against gravity. Capillary action is very important in nature. It makes it possible for water to travel from the roots of plants to the tips of their leaveseven to the tops of towering trees!-      Surface tension allows insects called water striders to walk across the surface of a pond.-      Because solid water is less dense than liquid water, ice stays on top of the water. That gives fish and other water animals and plants a place to live through the winter.-      The fact that water expands when it freezes also accounts for many of the changes in the world around us. When water freezes in cracks in rocks, the ice helps to break the rock apart. This is part of the process by which soil forms.-      WATER gains heat from the sun during daytime and releases it after dark. This helps keep air temperatures from changing wildly from night to day  and summer to winter. It keeps ocean temperatures fairly constant, so creatures that live there have a relatively stable environment.-      Waters ability to soak up heat as it changes from one form to another helps keep you cool too. When your sweat evaporates, it draws heat from your body. Dogs, rabbits, birds, and other animals cool off by holding their mouths open and letting the water inside evaporate.-          Water is the universal solvent. So water can carry stuff from one place to another. Rivers and streams carry nitrogen and phosphorus, which plants need to grow. They also carry pollutants, which can harm living things. Water carries nutrients from plants roots to their leaves. It carries food through an animals bloodstream to nourish its cells.If all of the water on Earth disappeared today, life would disappear without water life would not be possible on earth as it is very important for humans as well as animals and plants. if water wouldn't have been there we would not be able to take birth.water was the reason of evolution of man. water removes our thirst. we can't live without water even for a single day. water is life. plants take in water and give us oxygen. if no water then no plants, and if no plants no humans.
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