Write a short story on the basis of the hints provided in about 150- 200
Enjoyed going for long walks– visit to Dehradun—huge forest - taking
shortcut through the woods, a tree toppled pinning me underneath.
Begin the story with:
I have always enjoyed taking long walks among the forests………



I have always enjoyed taking long walks among the forests, the pleasure, the bird on the tree, the canopy if there is one, and all that bounty in the dark forest that thaws my idea of urbanization... though  for a long time I have criticized the deep forest cover, now, I regret doing so.

It wasn't a month since that visit to Dehradun and a mile from Robber's cave. The surveyor instinct kicked in. Unfortunately now wasn't the best time.

I was about 3 klicks of the campsite and guide, and just enough it looked like I found a way back. Don't ask me how I got there.

When I was on my journey, about halfway there  through the shortcut, I clutched on a loose tree bark and held on. If I knew better, that tree's days were limited.

First of all, it wasn't rooted. It was just placed in the ground. Second, it was some sturdy tree. When I pulled my hand back, the tree toppled over and it fell over my back.

( I think ) I cried out loud enough for the moon to hear. Somehow, it looked like the camp didn't get it. It was followed by a second. Nothing. 
 To let myself go, I pulled out a rope from my hiking kit, which was backpacked, so I had quite a time trying to take it out. I tied it  the log and somehow skillfully threw it over, some hopefully, rooted and better tree. One end of the rope dangled at my face. I caught it and used the all of me to pull up and remove the tree.

After a never ending minute, I was off and running. I've got my diary to fill now, and this is quite big.
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