uncle podger is a person who would undertake small jobs around the house and make everyone dance attendance on him.........

                                                        uncle podger is typical example of people who likes to do things as long as everyone else is running around to assist them. the humour in the story arises out of pinpointing common human weaknesses of feeling self important...................

Uncle Podger was a disoriented person who lacked concentration.He was in a habit of taking a task and putting its burden on others.Due to this,he involved every person in the house for doing even the simplest jobs.He was hot-tempered and disoriented due to which he would end up injuring himself and also others.On one occasion he takes on the duty of putting a picture on the wall.Instead of doing it all by himself he sends six members of the family on errands.He sends the girl to get nails and boy after her to tell her the size of nail.He sends William and Tom to get a hammer and a rule respectively.He sends Jim to get a spirit level from the neighbour and details Maria to hold the light.