ENGLISH AS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE English is the most spoken language in this world. Knowing English can be really helpful for us, as English is used wherever we go. If we go to some other place for a visit, for example, China, we may not know the Chinese language. But, there would be some people there who know English, and in that way, if we knew English, we can ask them for directions, or for any other help we need. Not knowing English can be a huge burden, as we find many people all over the world who knows English. These days, children are taught good English in school, where they are taught that language is very important. English can generally be said that it is an International Language, as it is spoken all over the world. Those who do not know English should be taught how to speak and communicate in English, as it can really help them later on in life. ❤️This is all I know. I hope it helps you. Happy to be of help!❤️