i would choose to save the kitten because from my sight a life is more important then any other thing ... then what about my exam ? i will 1st request a person to drop the kitten in the care center even-though if he/she refuses then i will go by myself and admit the kitten in the care center and then i will go for my school ... and i will tell my teacher and my principal that what just happened with me ,the reason behind of being late and even if i am not allowed to sit in the examination i will not be regretful because i can appear it once more but if the life of the kitten is lost ( though i was able to save him ) that life couldn't be returned back ..........
i hope it helps............ 
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I would see whether there some veterinary hospital around me if not I would take the kitten with me to the school because our school has a nice first aid treatment team which can even help out the kitten to get the first aid. so I would take the kitten with me to school and hand it over to the team and I would rush to the exam hall so that even I can attended my exam and do well in the exam.
hope so my answer is useful and mark as best if possible...!!