Social websites have a huge impact in this new world. Whether we want to know the ingredients of a particular dish, or to know the answer of a question, etc. we go to websites. They can give us the answer of any question we ask. If we do not find any site useful, we go searching for a more helpful one. We can say that we can more than a hundred websites in the internet. From students to teachers, children to adults, workers to managers, the use of websites spread across to all. For us, they really help in doing homeworks or assignments. We can find websites to be very helpful, but they can be disadvantageous as well. Some websites can give us the wrong inormation, and some websites might not be safe. They can lead to something else that we are not looking for. In conclusion, websites can be really benefitial to us, if we use it in the right way. ❤️HoPe It HeLpS❤️