in civics- it is indeed difficult for me, we have to learn step wise about governments, their laws any other political formations etc. for this we have to enquiry more about that relevant content by elders and specially grandparents and people interested in that particular thing can tell more detailed information about that, which makes it easy to learn. we have to understand all its causes and learn it whole with tremendous efforts. 
history is a very hard subject and there is no way to escape it. we have to learn all the names of rulers, events- when it took place, why and under whom etc. it is more interesting if you learn it like story.
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U make time table
ready textbook and try to understand it's meaning
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why u took more than 20 minutes
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u r from which state?
karnataka I thought u r from goa as I m from goa and in goa we get one book on every subject in which extra questions r added
I would prefer you to keep your answers long and keep up to the point. You mostly get marks for writing long. Or else you could give quality answers with diagram and additional facts related with it. I would suggest not to mug up social science rather understand it and write it in your own words this would surely help you. Just having a rough information on the topic could also help you. And try to study only important points and at maximum avoid the rest portion. Hope this is helpful to u.
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