You see a lot of people in your locality dumping garbage and litter in one of the empty plots in the area this lead s to aserious condition of flies ,bacteria and other germs .moreever stray animals like cows ,dogs also worsen the situation and place has turned into a mess dis cuss with your partner



As we dont know where this garbage goes after throwing in the dustbin, but we can maintain our house by throwing in the dustbin, even we should stop the people throwing garbage in a area because  germs comes there and they can harm us. and even when stray animals comes they worsen the situation by tearing the packets and polythene. flies spread the germs and people get harmed by them getting infectious diseases like malaria,dengue and etc. so people should remember that throwing garbage int he area will harm themselves....!!
Hope it helps....
pls choose it as BRAINLIEST...........!!