29/04/2001 (you may give the date of YOUR birthday here) 11:30 pm. Dear diary, today is my birthday. All the celebrations today were splendid! I have no idea how much I danced, no idea how much I played, and no idea how much Im gonna miss this day! My mother and father planned a surprise birthday party for me, inviting all my friends from school. I really didn't expect to see all of my friends at home screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"! I was really surprised, I didn't know what to say! I am very thankful to my parents for organising such an amazing party, with so many cool games and contests. It turned out really good, as everyone had a great time. We played so may games, in which the winners got prizes, then we danced and danced until our legs tired us. The snacks, the candies and the cake just made the day more perfect! It was really an amazing time to hang out with my friends, and family. Everyone one of them brought gifts for me, which made me feel so special! This day was really good, that Im never gonna even a single moment of joy I had today. This was the best birthday I ever had! ❤️Hope this helps you, thanks!✌️
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The word 'forget' comes after 'gonna' and before 'even'. Sorry for the mistake.
Dear diary,
                can u believe this i had my birthday today ou now what the meaning of birthday FUN!! FUN!! AND FUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                           with who else its only some people or can i say 2 they are family members and freinds i had the awesomest birthday party got lots of GIFTS!! and ate tons of pieces of cake i am just joking i ate only 5 pieces now 5 pieces in not enough so i am just waiting for my next birthday party theme :):):):):)