Malnutrition occurs when what someone needs to eat is very different from what they actually eat. The usual way of measuring malnutrition is to look at three different ratios: how tall someone is compared to how much they weigh how tall someone is for their age how much someone weighs for their age A malnourished person is usually too skinny compared to their height and is neither tall enough nor heavy enough for their age. If they are given enough food, they may gain weight rapidly until their height/weight ratio becomes a healthy one. If Radhika does not get enough food for the first five years of her life, how would that malnourishment most likely affect her growth? A. She will always be too skinny for her height. B. She will stop growing at a later age than she otherwise would have. C. She will grow up to be shorter than she otherwise would have been. D. She will grow more slowly than she otherwise would have, but she will reach the same height.



I think,
A. She will always be too skinny for her height