हे गणित UPSC मुख्य परिक्षेतील आहे.फक्त वैभव अगरवाल यानेच सोडवले आहे. सोडवू शकाल?


1 ,3 ,5 ,7 ,9, 11, 13 ,15

यापैकी अंक वापरा
कोणताही अंक कितीही वेळा वापरा



There is no possible answer for this question.This is because odd+odd gives even then even+odd will give odd again but 30 is an even number.
1 5 1
There is no answer to your question. If you'll add any three numbers from the given one then you'll get an odd number. As these numbers are odd so, odd+odd=even and then further even+odd=odd so it is impossible to make LHS=RHS with the given numbers.
2 5 2