Man is considered to be the most dominant species among all living beings. this is due to his ability to think in a very unique way and at the same time implement them into actions leading to various inventions and discoveries. but due to his greed he started endangering other living beings . all animals and birds have become endangered due to man's boundless greed.
for eg if an elephant is considered, the elephants are forced to do tedious works like carrying logs of wood and often they are made to beg, they are beaten using a stick if they misbehave.
similarly birds are caged and are not allowed to fly freely. we also come across people using snakes and monkeys to earn money.
this treatment towards animals must be stopped because even they are living beings and go through the same pain that we feel when  we are hurt.
thus let us all prove our intelligence by creating a balance between all living beings and also protecting those who are in danger.