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Hey there even I want to become an actor but a movie actor.. I searched for some tips earlier and even I m 13 years of age.. so here are some tips hope they help. Pls mark as brainliest

1. Check out your health and fitness before you get into struggle.. actually who wants unhealthy people to work as they might get sick soon. on your posture.

3.recite some lines in front of the mirror.

4. Conduct a role play in your society school or your house and participate with full enthusiasm. This will build up your confidence.

5. Take theatres in school and MUN is also a great stage of performing arts. Participate in dance and singing. This will enhance your skills of the same.

6. Join an acting school in your city.

7. Go for the auditions if any like India's best dramebaaz and all. This way u gain fame and u might be called by a director to cast you in a serial or if you are lucky then also a movie.

8. Don't be nervous while in front of many peope. This way you might actually forget what you have to speak.

9. go for the latest fashion and accessorize with the latest trends. This will help to enhance your look. But BE YOU.. don't just smash a bucket full of foundation or make up on your face which be just fake you and not the real you. UNFAKE IT.

10. When all set.. leave for MUMBAI <3



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i wnt to become actor but my mother said that only the sons and daughters of the celebrities can become actors and also those which belong to rich family.......wht i do mother aaid that there i sa risk in starting carrer in acting....because sometimes u fail and sometimes u right or not
No.. not necessarily...its not important for you to be the son or daughter of a famous personality to become an actor.. an ordinary person can also become a very fine actor. Just that you should have confidence anf courage to fulfil your dream.and if your mom says that again then tell her i will create history..that is so what if i m not the child of a famous personality..i can be what i want to.. never give up..keep trying.. u will pass one day.. there are many ppl who struggled 
Like akshay kumar. He was a waiter in a restaurant in thailand before he got into acting. He is not a child of any famous personality just an ordinary man who lived his dream.. u too can be one.. dear never give up.. even i m not the child of a famous personality but still i have a dream of becoming an actor. Acting is my life and i know i will live it large.. few tips are that dont be choicy while working on a project. Have a strong will power that i can nd i will do it. 
And another thing.. nothing worth having comes easy. So work as hard as you can and one day you will be in front of everyone recieveing an award on the stage from your role model. Thats a promise! But work hard dear. Join acting your acting videos on utube...nd follow the tips i added in the answer...u will surely achive what u deserve..
but i live in alwar ....and if i wnt to join acting school...than i have to leave this city.......and this is not possible for my family
First complete your 10th standard and go for +1 & +2 later u can get chances near to u. At that age your mind will be also matured and u can take your own decisions have a great day and I wish u will reach great heights in your future.

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