Experts please help .... question - Raju was fascinated by a new car and he wanted to buy it but he did not have enough money.His father offered him 1/2 of the price.And so his mother offered 1/2 of the remaining.His brother also offered half of the remaining .His sisteroffered the other half of of remaining .And his friend also gave half of the remaining. Hefound that he had with him RS20,000 and now he had just enough money to buy the car with all help of his family and friends.what is the cost of the car ?




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Let the price of car= x
Father gave= (1/2)x
Mother gave= (1/4)x
Brother gave=(3/8)x
Sister gave= (15/16)x
Friend gave= (1/32)x
==>20,000=(1/2)x + (1/4)x + (3/8)x + (15/16)x + (1/32)x

I ain't any expert....................but still I've tried it!