(a) Why are asexually reproducing organisms capable of showing hereditary features? (b) If the sperm bearing Y-chromosome fertilizes the egg, the child born will not be entirely like his father. Why is it so? (c) What is the relation between heredity and variation in asexual and sexual reproduction?



The asexually reproducing organisms require only single parent, so when they divide the cell itself divide into two bearing no variatiuon in DNA. So there is more chance of hereditary features.(i) In asexual reproduction, organisms raised are the exact of their parents.(ii) They exhibit very little variation due to some environmental factors or mutations which are due to sudden changes in genes out of these two factors, only mutations are inheritable.
The Y Chromosome is male. It also takes on biological traits of the mother. It's half and half in that department. However personality takes years to develop after birth. 
No one child is exactly like either parent.