1. Have a plan of study ready. Do not make it very complex. 

Simply list down all major topics and sub-topics of a particular subject on a sheet of paper. Or use table of contents of a good book on the subject. You will be ticking off whatever is completed.

2. First thing in morning, decide targets for the day. Do not take more than 2 minutes for this. 

3. Take a short target for next 25 minutes, one specific topic. Don't think beyond 25 minutes at a time. 

1. Take small break of few minutes every 40 minutes. Stretch lightly for half a minute during the breaks.

2.  Maintain a regular sleep pattern. Leave study at least 30 minutes before sleep. During these 30 minutes, wash your limbs and face, settle down, close your eyes, relax your mind, allow it to drift wherever it feels like, gradually speak reaffirmations to yourself and allow yourself into a wonderful sleep

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so according to me what u should do is that u should

 make a proper study plan, according to your study hours you should devote time to both the subjects ( choose the tough on first) . For eg. if u study 5 hours a day you should give first 2 hours to one subject, have 1 hour gap refresh yourself and then give the next 2 hours to another subject.

do not panic, and follow these every day

atleast complete 2 chapters per subject in a day

nd m sure u'll b able to finish the whole revision in a few days.

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