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he Mysteries, or mysterious may refer to: Something that cannot be explained or comprehended. Any action, affair, or event so obscure or concealed as to arouse suspense, curiosity, or fear is a mystery. according to me human life is the a mystery in itself beacuse in human life we nevre what is going to happen next moment .

even though it brings enthusiasm in humans beacuse every human is a mystery and every human has the spirit that he or she has to do something and life is all about mysteries . if there would be no mysteries then human life would become totally boring

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A mystery is a phenomenon which is unknown and which puts us in a dilemma whether it exists or not . It is related to human life as human cretes the doubt of its existence and humans are more found of mysteries and as homo sapiens are social beings we bother about our surroundings and its happening anything which is unexplained is the most which matters humans as we have the anxiety and curiousity other than any other beings most of all we have brains to solve 
it brings entuthsiasm in humans as we are the top species and we have anxiety and we bother about our surrounding
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