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IT refers to an entire industry that uses computers, networking, software and other equipment to manage information, whereas ICT can be seen as an integration of IT with media broadcasting technologies, audio/ video processing and transmission and telephony. Therefore, ICT can be seen as an extended acronym for IT. The term ICT is widely used in the context of education, whereas IT is a term widely used in the industry. In addition, recently, ICT is also used to refer to the integration of telephone and audio/ visual networks with computer networks. In simplest terms, ICT can be seen as the integration of information technology with communication technology.
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There is no any difference between. IT and ICT... One difference is that IT means Information Technology and ICT Information. Control Technology
first of all full form of ICT is wrong. it is Information and communicstion technology. there is much difference in these two terms
I was in a tension mood so I made the mistake....if u know the differences between these two then WTF ru asking for ???
i need a brief explanation.
i knew just full forms