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a. Medical
Urgent need of medical chemistry. For example, administration of drugs to patients. In a medical study how drugs are absorbed by the body, how the drug reaction, and what is the appropriate drugs for patients. To find out what diseases are being suffered by the patient, can be done with a blood test or urine test.
To find out if someone is infected with the HIV virus, the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome), the loss of immunity, we have to do a blood test. In that case the use of certain chemical substances which may indicate that the blood is present or absent HIV virus.
b. Agriculture
To produce an optimal agricultural products, seeds and fertilizer needed. Chemistry needed to make seed, to determine the acidity and soil wetness, determine the nutrients in the soil, as well as determine the type of fertilizer to be used.

c. Geology
To find out what elements are present in rocks and at what levels, should wear chemical sciences. For example, to mine in an area, first conducted geological Stude. From geological studies of metal that we can expect anything to be there. After that, how many and the levels and duration of mining carried out until the desired metal. All it requires chemistry.
d. Biology
It is certain that chemistry is very important in biology. To study the cell, cell metabolism, enzymes, hormones, photosynthesis, and others who require chemistry. In all living bodies, water is the highest. Other important compounds that have lipid (fats), carbohydrates, and protein. These substances are studied in chemistry.
e. Computerization
As we have know that one of the components in a computer device is a microchip. Microchips made of silicon which of course requires knowledge clams to make it. Besides the outermost parts of the computer is made of plastic. Plastic is results of the chemical industry.
f. Law
Chemistry also plays an important role in the field of law, namely in verification a legal case. For example, someone mixing kerosene into petrol and then traded. To verify whether the correct fuel is mixed kerosene, chemical laboratory tested. Another example is in the process of searching the data with DNA testing.
Benefits of Studying Chemical Sciences
• scientific mindset can be formed. This means that if we are accustomed to solving problems arising in chemistry, is expected to scientific thinking can be crystallized in our daily lives.
• We can understand the chemicals can be used.
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