polygon - polygon is any drawing or object or lest take any simple figure with only line segments. The minimum no. of line segments needed to draw a polygon are three line segments, ie ; A triangle

quadrilateral - a quadrilateral is a four sided figure with four line segments. ie; A square or rectangle

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Polygon is a closed plane figure bounded by line segments.The line segments are called its sides and the intersection of consecutive sides called vertices.There are three types of polygons:
1. Convex 2.Concave & 3. Regular Polygons.

Quadrilateral is a closed plane figure bounded by four line segments.
All angles of a quadrilateral sum up to 360 degrees.
The types of quadrilaterals are :
1.Trapezium 2.Parallelogram 3. Rectangle 4.Rhombus 5.Square & 6. Kite.

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